With ear catching melodies always at the heart of his music, this singer-song writer, has built a name for himself, as an equally experimenting and style-conscious contributor to the Danish music scene. Amongst other projects, Troels Joergensen is founder and frontman of the stinging noise-rock band ”Uno Soul” and of ”Wonderland”, which dream-like, alternative and mesmerizing pop lures the listeners into a timeless trip from the sixties and onwards.

Now, TJ presents his first solo album ”My Mind”, which, with liberating simplicity embraces 10 songs that evolve around everything from love and freedom to confrontation and melancholy.
The heart-felt vocal, intertwine with fine melodies and takes us into a musical voyage; a travel that includes everything from burning guitars to soothing string arrangements.

contact & booking:
Kingosgade 3
1623 Copenhagen V DK
Phone +45 2343 9055